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Patrick and Emily

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Our Story

Despite having several shared friends and both living in Colorado for a few years, it took a blind date for us to actually meet. We were set up by a mutual friend after Emily was telling her about training for an Ironman and Patrick was well known for signing up for any activity that involves suffering outside. Our first date was in a quiet bar just outside of Denver where we learned few actual facts about each other and instead talked all about dreams and adventures. Over the next few months, we fell in love while training together, trail running, biking, camping, dog sledding, hiking in Moab, and spending time with family and friends. The proposal came in the middle of a beautiful hike during a camping weekend in Steamboat Springs that started with a 17 mile run and ended with a much needed soak in the natural hot springs. We both are so thankful to God (and our friend Kara!) for bringing us together and are having the best time planning our life together.